Healthcare Enterprises
Our Mana API platform gives you interoperability across multiple EHR's and clinical data sources, along with a robust API and turnkey support. Built-in applications like our patient portal and release of information module support your immediate needs, along with a robust ecosystem of solution partners.

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Unified data from EHRs, apps, devices and patient input, with plugins for all standard EHR output formats
Data is accessible through an easy-to-use RESTful API, with storage and security managed for you
Patients, physicians and health enterprises can communicate easily, leading to higher engagement and better outcomes
Multi-app environment
"Support for multiple applications with managed permissions and secure data sharing between each"
Platform for Innovation
We’ll set up a risk-free environment for you to test your ideas and get your applications up and running
We’re compatible with the various flavors of HL7, CCD, CCDA and other custom formats
A one-stop shop for healthcare innovation
Easily add unlimited applications without the risk of many connections to your EHR or data warehouse
API supports patient engagement apps and deep analytics
Build and launch your own apps or work with one of dozens of our specialized app partners
Leverage technology with proven success in major markets reaching hundreds of health systems
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