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Unified Data Access Via Healthcare API Helps Companies Innovate

Unified Data Access Via Healthcare API Helps Companies Innovate

April 26, 2016

The Need

Maybe you’re a doctor who works hands-on with patients day in and day out. You know their needs on a clinical and personal level, but you also understand the complexities of the healthcare system as a whole. You need a way to build solutions that serve patients and meet a growing list of technical and legal requirements.

Or, perhaps you’re a developer, tasked with helping your company build the healthcare industry’s “next big thing.” You could build the necessary technical systems yourself, sure, but time is of the essence. You need a reliable, secure, and proven interface that will allow you to do what you do best: innovate—and do it quickly.

These two diverse needs from two distinct populations are both served by ManaCloud Unified Data Platform.

The Solution

ManaCloud is a HIPAA-compliant cloud platform that unifies data from EHRs, patient input, medical devices, applications and more, bringing it together in one streamlined viewpoint. The data is made accessible through an easy-to-use, RESTful healthcare API with multiple layers of data protection that you can begin using immediately.

Integrates data from multiple sources

The result? You spend less time integrating the records and data you need, and more time innovating real-life solutions to help patients and physicians. Data management, permissions and security are all taken care of, so you can focus on solutions that help people.

What does it mean for healthcare leaders?

When it comes to health data, security is the utmost concern. ManaCloud’s ultra-scalability means it’s just as easy to add one application as it is to add 100, with fewer connections to your electronic health records along the way. It eliminates the hassle of working with dozens of different vendors in the process.

And what about storage? We’ve got that covered.

Other platforms pull and deliver patient data… and that’s the end of it. But without also storing the data, you can’t perform complex analytics that are indispensable to healthcare providers. ManaCloud takes the place of traditional clinical data warehouses, storing your data using an ultra-secure cloud-based model.

Interoperability is the new gold standard in healthcare data, leading to better clinical decision making, which results in better outcomes. Even so, many organizations have yet to adapt. We put interoperability—and the countless benefits that come with it—easily within your reach.

What does it mean for developers?

We know that in the development world, there’s a lot of “guess and check.” Meaning, you need a real-world testing environment to discover what works and what doesn’t when building a platform.

Our sandbox and suite of developer tools let you build and test apps using more than 10,000 patient test records, with documentation and dev support to back you up.

Developer environment

We also know speed of innovation is a critical factor; in the innovation game, the fastest player often wins. That’s why ManaCloud was built for speedy, simple integration with all flavors of EHR formats, positioning you for immediate launch.

What’s more, our technologies are deployed in multiple markets in many countries, a network that’s accessible for you to leverage as you grow and develop.

Innovation at the Core

From the healthcare industry to the technology field, today’s most successful leaders are the ones who innovate. Unified data access provided by ManaCloud’s healthcare API enables you to grow, scale and change at an unprecedented pace, saving you time, reducing costs and ultimately resulting in better patient care.

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