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Mana Health opens up patient data aggregation platform to first set of partners

Mana Health opens up patient data aggregation platform to first set of partners

December 9, 2015

Health IT business Mana Health, which launched a technology platform to aggregate clinical data from electronic medical records with patient-generated data earlier this year, has added a clutch of partners for its API. They are the first group in a series that will be added from the more than 100 companies that have registered to use its sandbox.

The partners vary from a health IT startup using remote monitoring for chronic care patients recovering from surgery (DoctoDoor) to predictive and performance analytics support for accountable care organizations (Hexplora).

Among its other new partners are:

  • Rimidi identifies gaps in diabetes management to make healthcare delivery more efficient.
  • Somml Health supports patient engagement through a communication tool and care team collaboration.
  • Patient Matrix is the most mature of the new partners. It has a clinical outcomes measurement application that allows clinicians, industry and patients to collaborate and understand the impact of their treatment.

ManaCloud is part of a group of companies that include Validic and Human API, which want to aggregate disparate data to provide more context for patient health status. The platform provides a way for users to input and integrate clinical data from existing EMRs and add data from apps and connected devices such as weight, pain levels, pulse, heart rate, exercise and calories.