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PR Highlight: Mana Health Launches ManaCreate™ to Power Digital Health Innovation

PR Highlight: Mana Health Launches ManaCreate™ to Power Digital Health Innovation

September 27, 2016

Mana Health Launches ManaCreate™ to Enable Agile and Efficient Commercialization of Healthcare IT Innovations

First Platform Targeted to Health System Innovation Groups to Spur Faster, More Cost Effective Innovation

NEW YORK, NY, September 27, 2016 — Mana Health, a leading technology provider for healthcare data access solutions, announced today the availability of ManaCreate, a technology and support solution designed to enable faster and more cost effective commercialization of healthcare innovation. Targeted to innovation and IT groups within health systems and hospitals, ManaCreate supports the process for testing and integration of new applications to support a more agile innovation process.

“A cardiologist envisions treating patients faster with the right data points and providing targeted content. She is certain that with this experience she can improve outcomes. With ManaCreate™ and an efficient development team, she can expedite the design process, integrate all the right data, and move into deployment mode faster for the betterment of healthcare,” explained Chris Bradley, co-founder, Mana Health.

Bringing any new healthcare IT system to market generally requires the same basic process of developing a first phase of a workable product, conducting testing, going to live deployment – in a HIPAA Compliant environment, and ultimately creating a minimal viable product (MVP). This can not only be time consuming but costly, with the typical new integration can be $200,000 to upwards of $500,000.

ManaCreate successfully removes the barriers of data flow by instantly providing a test environment that is pre-loaded with test patients, with a well documented API and developer support, and the ability to switch to live data at any time using the production level ManaCloud™ platform.Specific features of the ManaCreate service include the following:
• Thousands of test patients’ worth of clinical data
• Ability to import additional custom records from your facility
• Developer-friendly API, support, and documentation portal
• Seamless path to EHR integration and live deployment
• HIPAA-compliant data management

“As developers ourselves, it’s a passion for us to help reduce the barriers to innovation in healthcare. We created a health IT sandbox that enables anyone – from innovation teams at health systems and pharma companies to healthcare accelerators – to test new digital health services without the heavy lifting of creating deep integrations at the outset,” said Bradley. “To allow innovation to flourish in healthcare, more flexible systems are needed for the ‘test and learn’ process, along with more robust data output, and this is exactly what ManaCreate™ provides,” said Bradley.

ManaCreate becomes the third pillar of data access solutions from Mana Health, which also include ManaCloud and ManaPortal patient portal. The ManaCloud architecture is the foundation of ManaCreate, and Mana Portal, an award winning untethered meaningful use patient portal.

ManaCreate is commercially available and being sold throughout the U.S. For more information, visit