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Launch Healthcare Apps Seamlessly and Securely Using ManaHealth’s HIPAA Compliant Cloud

Launch Healthcare Apps Seamlessly and Securely Using ManaHealth’s HIPAA Compliant Cloud

April 22, 2016

healthcare app development

Useful, patient-friendly mobile apps are a vital asset for any modern healthcare organization. Not only do patients demand them, they make providers’ lives easier and help physicians better serve their patients.

This means the pressure is on for mobile developers to deliver functional, beautifully designed apps on a tight-wire timeline.

ManaHealth’s developer-friendly API and HIPAA compliant cloud platform streamline the development process for mobile healthcare apps, making it easy to build, test and launch in a limited window of time. Our diverse features support you at any phase of development, be it an early concept or a near-market-ready-product preparing to scale and grow.

Ease of use

ManaHealth’s RESTful, JSON API simplifies data extraction, offering access to 10,000+ patients test records that mirror actual records with a unified view across many platforms—critical for testing real-world scenarios and troubleshooting potential bugs.

In the current healthcare landscape, interoperability is key. Our system works with any standard EHR format while also integrating with patient generated data from activity trackers, clinical devices and other popular mobile applications.


Time is one of top pain points for healthcare app developers. App innovators are on a seemingly endless time crunch, tasked with delivering a consistently high-quality experience to users that is also compatible with the latest operating systems and technology updates.

ManaCloud gives you instant launch capability, handling the burden of integration so you can focus on innovating.


Privacy and security are of utmost concern with all apps, but perhaps nowhere is the need for security more critical than in the healthcare realm. Prior to launch, healthcare apps must ensure compliance with all legal and regulatory systems at the local, state and national level.

As you likely know, HIPAA compliance is no small feat, which is why it’s such a valuable offering in our field. We’ve worked tirelessly to build and maintain the infrastructure and processes for HIPAA compliance, offering you a secure, cloud-based platform with multiple layers of data protection.

At the same time, we understand the power struggle between security and usability. Our user-friendly documentation and developer tools were built for ease of use, removing the security headache while retaining the development tools you want and need.


We’ll be the first to admit it: healthcare organizations are slow to adapt to change, and the sales cycle is a notoriously long one. Working with the right strategic partner can make a difference between success at scale or failure for your new application venture.

We work hard to bring providers and app partners together to accelerate the delivery of innovative healthcare technology, leveraging our network of hospitals, providers and patients the world over.

ManaCloud is committed to managing data extraction, integration and security, allowing you to focus on innovating apps that make healthcare better.

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