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Build Healthcare Apps In No Time Using Test Patient Data Sets in ManaCloud Sandbox

Build Healthcare Apps In No Time Using Test Patient Data Sets in ManaCloud Sandbox

February 4, 2016

healthcare app development

When it comes to app development, data is power, be it in e-commerce, technology, fitness or any of hundreds of other sectors. Data drives innovation; it’s the foundation upon which you build you a successful application. But data is also a sticking point where it’s easy to get hung up, especially if you’re building a healthcare app.

ManaHealth set out to change this. With so many other challenges involved in launching a new app (and we know all too well, they are numerous) we believe data shouldn’t be the thing that holds you back.

ManaCloud Sandbox is the developer’s solution to accessing healthcare data for app development instantly. It’s a single, secure, plug-and-play platform that lets you retrieve the health data of your future app’s users, no matter where it’s coming from.

You can be up and running on the system in a matter of minutes, with more than 10,000 patient data sets at your fingertips to test with.

How it works

When you log into our Sandbox, you instantly enable your app to call up thousands of test patient records that demonstrate an example patient’s full range of health data. Our API delivers a straightforward, unified view of the patient, incorporating clinical data with patient-generated data from any number of sources: EMRs, fitness trackers, medical devices, other mobile apps, the list goes on.

We eliminate the hassle of integrating multiple third-party data sources and standards, which means you spend less time mapping fields and more time tweaking and perfecting your app. ManaCloud manages user authentication, user identities, data processing and storage in one fell swoop, serving the data on demand through our RESTful API.

Simple for developers

Our Developer Hub is your home base to use the ManaCloud API, and you can get up and running in just a few minutes. It’s here that you’ll find a comprehensive guide to using the Sandbox, documentation to help you start working with ManaCloud API as quickly as possible, and top-notch support in case you get stuck.

A step-by-step tutorial takes you through making your first API call and authenticating a Mana user. From there you’re free to flex your development muscle in the Sandbox, employing our more than two dozen endpoints to perform all of the functions you need. It only takes three API calls to get back patient data.

Simple, per-month data connection pricing saves you thousands and allows you to scale with ease as your user base grows.

User satisfaction

Building a functional app is one thing, while user satisfaction is another. Will patients love your app so much that it becomes a go-to tool? Will healthcare providers find it so useful they can’t live without it?

Of course, those are the goals in any developer’s mind, and ones ManaCloud aims to help you achieve.  Users love apps built using our API because they’re interoperable; a patient can connect all of his or her records without going through a third-party system (or several). Healthcare providers love our partner apps because we make their lives easy; data is unified in one place, with security and storage all taken care of.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t let data access hold you back from creating. Jump into the ManaHealth Sandbox and see where your imagination takes you.