Transforming Medicine Through the Unification of Patient Data.

In today's changing landscape, access to the right data makes all the difference in delivering intelligent healthcare services.

The ManaCloud Platform offers a secure, HIPAA-compliant platform that unifies patient data from clinical and patient-generated sources, and makes that data accessible through an easy-to-use unified API. If you are a healthcare organization, application developer, or solution provider we have many options to support your needs.

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"By making the ManaCloud API available to our members, we can help them launch new and required services more cost effectively and help speed the transition to a more accountable healthcare system."

- Gijs Van Oort, CEO & Executive Director of Healthcare Access San Antonio 

Featured App: Mana Health's Patient Gateway


Our award-winning Patient Gateway was designed to inspire patients to get to know their data. Powered by our ManaCloud Platform, it integrates clinical data from EMRs while making it easy for patients to add their own data from apps and devices. Plus, we're MU-2 Certified and mobile ready. Yes, you really can have a product that you are excited to promote to your patients, while meeting your needs for a secure and certified technology solution.

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