Transforming Medicine Through the Unification of Patient Data.

ManaCloud Unified Data Platform

We developed our powerful ManaCloud platform to give healthcare providers the extensibility needed for a future that is evolving fast. Our powerful, HIPAA-compliant data platform combines clinical data from EMR's with data generated by patients and devices seamlessly. All supported with an extensive and easy-to-use API that can speed you on your path to delivering integrated services to meet your organizations needs.

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The Mana Health Patient Gateway


Our award-winning Patient Gateway was designed to inspire patients to get to know their data. Powered by our ManaCloud Platform, it integrates clinical data from EMRs while making it easy for patients to add their own data from apps and devices. Plus, we're MU-2 Certified and MU-3 ready. Yes, you really can have a product that you are excited to promote to your patients, while meeting your needs for a secure and certified technology solution.

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